Welcome to WSARC’s Intelligence Analysis Career Training Program website!

The dedicated people who work within the US Intelligence Community, Military, and Law Enforcement are committed to strengthening our domestic and national security.  We are excited to help with your educational development to become part of this dynamic community!

The IACT program incorporates a hybrid instructional method that includes lectures, readings/journal entries, and practical exercises aimed at teaching critical thinking skills, structured analytic techniques, and writing and briefing in the intelligence style. Instruction includes utilization of experts in the field of intelligence analysis to provide more in-depth lessons on issues in various functional intelligence disciplines, such as:

  • terrorism, transnational organized crime, and other law enforcement specialties,
  • air force, air defense, missiles and space, and other NASIC-related specialties, and
  • regional and functional Intelligence Community areas, such as military analysis, WMD threats, and cyber analysis.

We also do site visits, professional development work, and bring in potential employers to describe what they do and what they are looking for in prospective hires. Our program finishes with an experiential learning program focusing on law enforcement analysis.