Warning & Probation Periods, Plus Dismissal (Academic or Attendance)

Students may be placed on probation for either academic or attendance reasons, as outlined here. If a student has <75% GPA at the end of any week, he/she will be placed on Warning for two weeks, after which the Training Director will review his/her progress. If a student misses 32-hours of class (or 8%), he/she will be placed on Warning Status.

If the student fails to maintain a 75% GPA while in Warning Status, the student will be placed on Probation for two additional weeks. If the student misses 40-hours of class (or 10%), he/she will be placed on Probation.

If the student still fails to achieve a 75%+ GPA, he/she will be withdrawn from the program. If the student misses more than 40-hours of class (or more than 10%), he/she will be withdrawn from the program. At the point it becomes mathematically impossible for a student to complete the program or reach the minimum GPA or Attendance Rate by the scheduled ending date of the term they will be withdrawn from the program.

If a student is removed from the program for these reasons, our staff will notify the student’s educational benefits provider (if applicable), the VA (if applicable), and our Security Director (to cease processing of the student’s security clearance).

Students will be issued individual certificates for each of the blocks they successfully completed. The student’s transcript will reflect the received letter grades for any blocks successfully completed and “W”’s for all blocks that occur after the student was withdrawn from the program.

Additional tutoring and/or remediation is available, upon written request to the Training Director or School Director, for any section of the IACT program from the individual instructor or our training staff.