Attendance Policy

Your attendance makes up a portion of your grade for the IACT program. We take attendance daily and audit those results weekly. Attendance rate is based on a comparison of the scheduled program hours against the student’s actual attendance. Students are expected to attend all class sessions offered during their IACT program. If a student’s absences exceed 10% of the scheduled hours in the training program (or 40 hours), the student will be withdrawn from the program and receive certificates for the individual courses they completed.

Tardiness. Any student reporting to class more than 30 minutes late will be considered tardy. Students must notify one of our staff members if they are going to be tardy. Being tardy three times counts as one absence.

Missed Classes. If a student must miss any portion of the training for any reason, he/she must let the Training Director know (in advance, if possible, or immediately afterward if not) and then make every effort with the Training Director and instructor to make up any assignments not completed. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out the Training Director or other WSARC training staff to inquire about makeup work! Students have the option of making up classes by attending the same or similar class offered during the next course offering at the discretion of the Training Director. Any absence by a student who fails to report for class and does not notify our training staff within 24 hours will be considered an unexcused absence and make-up work will not be allowed.

Leave of Absence. Due to the amount of material covered in the IACT program at such a quick pace, we do not allow for a leave of absence. Any student missing more than 10% of scheduled classes is required to withdraw from IACT and must re-apply to complete the program.

Please see the Warning & Probation Periods, plus Dismissal section for more information on the steps that will be taken if a student does not meet the attendance requirements outlined here.