Writing Assessment Policy

The IACT program involves extensive writing exercises and papers. Therefore, average to above average proficiency in writing is essential to be successful in this program. In order to address this need and to ensure that all students admitted in the program are able to cope fairly well with the writing requirements, IACT instructors will use the assigned writing assignments during the first week of class to conduct a writing assessment for each student.

These proctored writing tasks will assess each student’s skill level in:

  • Organization (Logical organization, Coherence)
  • Level of Content (Synthesis of ideas, in-depth analysis)
  • Development (Main points, quality and quantity of support)
  • Grammar and Mechanics (Spelling, punctuation, grammar)
  • Style (Sentence structure, transitions, sentence variety)
  • Format
  • Ability to incorporate feedback in subsequent drafts/assignments

If the results of the assessments indicate that a student might benefit from extra help/tutoring, he/she will be required to meet with a writing instructor on a periodic basis to remedy any writing issues and to plan out the larger writing assignments involved in the Capstone project. This will be an ongoing process and may involve further assessment and/or remedial steps based on the discretion of the writing instructor and training director.