Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the IACT program is $9,995. Students will not be responsible for any increase in fees or tuition after the first day of class. Tuition includes any course materials or textbooks used in the program but does not cover housing and other living expenses. Students from outside the Dayton area will need to find their own housing arrangements. Feel free to contact us for housing suggestions.

Students are required to pay tuition for the IACT program not later than the end of the first week of each term. Tuition can be paid in one of two ways.

(1) Tuition can be paid in full at the beginning of the course, or

(2) Tuition can be paid in two segments:

  • Term 1 (Weeks 1-5): $4,997.50 due by the end of Week 1 of training.
  • Term 2 (Weeks 6-10): $4,997.50 due by the end of Week 6 of training.

The IACT program is approved for all Chapters of Veterans Administration Educational Benefits. Qualified veterans and their family members may be eligible to use educational benefits to offset the cost of IACT training. VA Educational Benefits may vary. Students using VA benefits are required to submit a copy of all prior study that is related to the IACT program before beginning classes. The School Director will evaluate the official transcripts and documentation of this previous education—that is current within the last three years—and determine if any credit will be given to the student for previous work completed; however, we typically do not award transfer hours. Of note, students cannot receive VA pay during the optional 4-week experiential learning exercise. Always consult with your VA counselor. More information regarding VA Educational Benefits is available at

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