Grading Systems and Policies

GRADING POLICY: Students in our IACT program are assessed on a criterion-referenced grading system, which is based on a fixed numeric scale (100-0) that equates to a letter mark (A-F), from which the faculty assign grades based on the individual performance of each student. There are some portions of our program that are judged on a pass/fail basis.

GRADING SCALE: Throughout the program, you will receive grades on individual assignments and class participation within each of the classes listed in our course catalog that comprise the IACT program. Most, if not all, of the individual classes within the IACT program are graded using a traditional A-F grading scale (A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; D=60-69; F=59 and below). In those instances when a pass/fail score is given, a passing grade is defined as meeting 75% or more of the requirements and objectives for any given exercise, assignment, or examination.

FEEDBACK: While the letter mark will appear on the transcripts, the students will receive more detailed feedback for most assignments. The Training Director aims to provide feedback on most assignments within 48 hours of their due date, although the longer paper assigned toward the end of the course may require a full week to complete for everyone. Students will also be provided written/oral feedback on their progress in the course bi-weekly throughout the course, or upon request if a student feels they are close to the pass/fail border line.