Security Clearance

SECURITY CLEARANCE: Students who successfully complete our IACT program with an overall GPA of 90% or higher, meet our overall attendance rate of 90% or higher, and maintain good standing with our code of conduct are also eligible to apply for a security clearance. The security clearance investigation is a lengthy process, currently averaging approximately 12-14 months. Students provide information that is submitted as part of a Single-Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). This 10-year background investigation is an examination of certain variables of an individual’s life to make a determination if the person is an acceptable security risk. The following areas are evaluated on a “whole person” basis: allegiance to the United States; foreign influence; foreign preferences; sexual behavior; personal conduct; financial considerations; alcohol consumption; drug involvement and substance misuse; psychological conditions; criminal conduct; handling protected information; outside activities; and use of information technology.

However, we will cancel the sponsorship of a security clearance for any student who does not meet the academic and attendance standards listed above or who withdraws or is dismissed from the program. We will also discontinue the background investigation process for any student who does not conduct themselves according to the standards of professionalism as outlined in this Student Catalog and requested by your program instructors in class. Student clearances are granted to facilitate research under an agreement with the Federal Government. Students who do not graduate are not eligible for this program.