Alex B

Alex is the Senior Intelligence Analyst for Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS) and the Community Support Program (CSP).  As an early participant in the original ATIC Analyst Boot Camp, he earned his certification in Wide Area Airborne Surveillance (WAAS) in 2010 and was hired by PSS at that time.  Since then, Alex has led teams of 40+ analysts on rapid deployment WAAS missions internationally and domestically for the Military, DoD, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Disaster Response clients. In addition to his mission responsibilities, Alex is the Senior Instructor responsible for the training and development of all new Trackers and Analysts at PSS and CSP as well as all client training and support. Alex serves as the WAAS Subject Matter Expert (SME) for all prosecution and defense teams for any legal proceedings involving intelligence provided by PSS or CSP.  Courses taught: Introduction to Wide Area Surveillance, Optional 4-week experiential learning exercise.

Steve C

Mr. Steve C has more than 36 years’ experience in the Intelligence Community supporting ISR mission platforms as a rated officer, serving in staff and policy making positions in the National Security Agency, Combatant Commands, Joint Staff, and Department of Defense. He has extensive expertise in Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Human Intelligence, Counter Narcotics, Technology Transfer, Collection and Analysis. Courses taught: Transnational Organized Crime, Multi-Int Analysis.

Dr. Anne C

Dr. Anne C has over 10 years’ experience working on every aspect of the research process with a focus in cognitive psychology. She has conducted research on attention, eyewitness memory/ decision making, bird memory, and cultural psychology. She completed a post-doc sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in which she worked to quantify cultural/ behavioral models and inject them into anomaly detection techniques used in tracking algorithms and for the purpose of dark network detection. More recently, her area of interest has been in studying the human side of cyber warfare. Courses taught: Human Systems Integration.

Greg F

Mr. Greg F has been an all-source analyst for one of the Department of Defense’s Service Intelligence Production Centers and the Defense Intelligence Agency for 15 years. While there, he supported the Joint Intelligence Task Force-Combating Terrorism. He also served as an all-source analyst in the US Navy active and reserves for 10 years. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations. Courses taught: Creative and Critical Thinking; Structured Analytic Techniques.

Dr. Terry O

Dr. Terry O has 11 years’ experience as a university staff scientist. She was the CBRN Defense Certificate Program Director, US Army NBC Team. Her faculty position research area is “terrorism and leadership.” Her dissertation work was on high stakes decision making for crisis leaders. She holds a Master’s degree in Education. Courses taught: Introduction to Terrorism, Introduction to Power Platform Leader Skills.

Dr. James J

Dr. James J has 30 years’ experience as an engineer and a medical doctor. He has served as a medical subject matter expert for the US Department of Homeland Security. He is certified in emergency medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Courses taught: Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction: Radio/Nuclear and Chem/Bio Threats.

Michael P

Mr. Michael P is a counterintelligence expert and senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) representative to the Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center. He was a commander and federal agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations while on active duty. He attended the Naval Post Graduate School earning a Master’s in National Security Affairs in Far East Asia/China. He earned certificates in Thai and Mandarin Chinese from the Defense Language Institute. Courses taught: Introduction to Counterintelligence.